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Scot Pollard shooting a layup


I'm currently residing in Lawrence, KS enjoying the summer with my kids. Going on a cruise the first week of August. Very excited! I've been working on a book about my NBA years with a ghost writer. We are hoping to get it published this year. Still working on a title.

All about Scot

Bio: hey Kids, Scot Pollard here. I'm 6'11''. I weigh 280 pounds. And in my family of 5 boys and one girl, only one of my brothers and my sister are shorter than me! I think all my brothers outweigh me, though.

I was born in Utah, grew up there for a while, grew up in San Diego for a while, made a stop in Washington state for most of my senior year of high school, then went back to SD to graduate. Not many people know this, but I played volleyball in High School, and actually had some scholarship offers to play both volleyball and basketball! I chose to focus on basketball, and it worked out pretty well for me, having played 4 years at the University of Kansas, and then going on to be drafted into the NBA by the Detroit Pistons, and spending a total of 11 years in the NBA.

I played for 5 different teams, 6 counting the Atlanta Hawks, who traded for me and cut me from the team before the first game. Detroit for my rookie year, and the only year my team didn't make the playoffs! Then Atlanta stopover, cut. Then signed with the Sacramento Kings for 5 seasons, very obviously the highpoint statistically and emotionally of my career. I was traded from the Kings to the Pacers, where I played for 3 seasons. Then as a free agent, I signed with the Cavs for one year, and then a one year deal with Boston, which capped off my career as the team won the NBA championship!

Now I am semi-retired, (if a good team needs a winner with a work ethic, I'm listening) raising my family, and giving my great dane, Rufus gray hair!

I do the occasional TV gig for a local team, or NBATV and may end up full time with a team or with a national network.